MiliM fountain pen

MiliM fountain pen is merge of precision mechanic and quality
of a high end pen. It is unique in it's design and idea.

How does it work:
When it is close it remind of a smooth steel rod with knurled nobs on both sides. -Turn knob on a cap to raise pocket clip, than turn it again to hide the clip. -If you want to refill pull the knob on a main body, this will raise the cover. Than you will see ink level as well as whole mechanism inside. -Put the nib in a ink bottle, the nob will engage the clutch. Turn it around and observe how whole mechanism is workng and piston inside tank is pulling the ink in. -Than simply press the nob inside and put cover on it's place.

Main material is high grade stainless steel. Ink tank is glass and the nib is gold. Our pen has mate finish with chrome pocket clip and mechanism cover.